Karal’s Blizzlike Repack Version 1.6.0

This repack is the most advanced and sophisticated 
World of Warcraft experience coming into creation.  Devamı hakkındaKaral’s Blizzlike Repack Version 1.6.0 ...

Windows/Linux – Combine SQL Updates

New TrinityCore revisions will frequently come with new .sql updates in the Trinity\sql\updates\ directory that need to be imported in order to keep your DB up to date. This batch file will merge all of those .sql queries into 3 simple files: Devamı hakkındaWindows/Linux – Combine SQL Updates

TrinityCore – AHBOT

I am posting this for anyone who needed help with the AuctionHouse Bot on Trinity Servers. This should work with any Trinity Repack out there. I have tested it on several and it works. I am currently using Tree’s 3.3.5a Stable. Devamı hakkındaTrinityCore – AHBOT

TrinityCore – Tools NPC

I know there are many scripts like that, but I decided to gather all useful things and put in one npc, I will update and improve gradually and also I accepted suggestions to make it even better. Devamı hakkındaTrinityCore – Tools NPC

TrinityCore – AntiCheat

TrinityCore – Anticheat Core Scripts .patch Tested 13.08.13 23.42  Some Screenies … [makeButton link=”https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B58suLo4nPKVYXRoeHdEc3hMaXM/edit?usp=sharing” text=”Download .cpp File” style=”SkyBlue”]